GelIS Illuminator

Huge transluminator

Huge transluminator

I am pretty sold on this design.  It is elegant in many ways, and it provides quality illumination.  Lets look at the features it has for the user:

  • Extremely easy to assemble.  It should take maybe 5 minutes.
  • Very thin, which makes it easy to store. Maybe 1/2″ tall
  • Large illuminated area, 4″x4″ (10cmx10cm for you metric folks).
  • Gel filter stows inside of transluminator, and protects EL panel.
  • EL panel illumination is very even, which makes it easy to pick out bands
  • Lost cost and high value compared to other options

Now, lets look at this from the viewpoint of me as a manufacturer:

  • Uses off-the-shelf components for anything that requires tricky assembly (EL inverter)
  • Low parts count -> low cost and easy to pack
  • Almost zero material is unused.  the Negative space becomes the filter!
  • Small size makes it cheap to ship
  • High value added in the parts I fab

These things make me happy, because I can provide a lot of value by selling the kit to people, and it should make people happy because they have a simple to build and beautiful transluminator that they can use for a long long time.



This is an animated gif of the assembly process.  The illuminator is a laminated design, held together with screws.  Assembly takes only a few minutes, or maybe a bit longer if you are a super-perfectionist.

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