Malaguti Update: 6/7/2012

Got the ‘guti running!  Good stuff.  Vroom vroom.  Or maybe like, vrrrr….

I hope I look this good when I turn 40!

There are still a few slight issues, but I got it to run by adjusting the spark gap with some .4 mm metal sheeting, which I found at sprout.  I think it is for weather proofing.  The other suggestion for a feeler gauge stand in that I got was a cereal box, so the piece of metal seemed like a decent option, given that it measured .34-.41 mm on some digital callipers, and the gap should be .35-.4 mm for a Morini MO2 (M02?) engine.

A picture showing the electrical SNAFU

Outstanding issues are now that the electrical system is in a small SNAFU, because I hard-wired EVERYTHING, disconnected the killswitch, the tail light is broken, and the lighting coil is not tested or installed.  Also, the carb needs to be re-jetted and the idle adjusted, since it was drilled out by the previous owner.  And the last thing is that the clutch cable broke!  Oh no!  Better go to treats.  Oh, yea and the pipe is clogged.

Whats missing? The tail light is missing…

Other than all that, I got it moved to the new workspace okay by yanking the clutch cable real hard with my left hand, giving it gas with my right hand, and peddling really really hard.  I got all the way down one or two blocks before I ran into a one way street in the other direction and the engine died again.  Bugger.

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