Visited the In Real Life.

is this treatland?

I am in San Fransisco for reasons which are better covered in a later post, but it was a stroke of luck because I needed some parts from treatland, but I couldn’t buy them online.  So I just walked over to 3077 17th street in San Francisco…and proceeded to pace back and forth for a bit.

Not treatland. SRS BZNSS HONDAS

You would think that this was treatland, but it wasn’t.  It is apparently a honda bike shop, and they give you a weird look when you walk by because they are SRS BUSINESS.  They also have a nice sign that says something about not working on mopeds, not lending tools and to stay out of the shop.  I thought to myself, surely this couldn’t be treatland…where are the treats?

Treats is here!  In the building marked SH FRANK AND CO.

As I mustered up the courage to go ask them for moped parts, I saw someone pull into a garage across the street on a Derbi.  Ah, I thought, this must be the treatland.  And so it was!  I got a knarp, a clutch cable, a tail light, and a bunch of jets.  Sweet!

And I even saw this sign…

Treat Street

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