Malaguti Pilot: A New Project

The ” ‘guti “, a malaguti pilot from the 70’s

I picked this moped up from kHz Garage in Allston- not running in its current condition, but with a few donor electrical and fuel related parts, it had started up, according to the previous owners.  I pedal/push/pulled it all the way from allston, up through Harvard and porter square to sprout to sit down with it for a few days to get it repaired.  It was a long and very exhausting trip, but the next day I got to look at some of the things that were not functioning.

Something is missing here…

Something is missing here.  Some kind of tube to convey liquid fuel (gasoline+2 stroke premix) to the carb.  Ah, a fuel line and fuel filter are in order.  In short order, the magic of 3/16 in (4mm, I believe) fuel line and a cheap, $5 filter fixed this problem.

Something is missing here too! What could it be…?

I got a new spark plug boot as part of the bike, but I needed some B6HS spark plugs for the Franco Morini Motori MO2 (motor).  So I got some and installed one.

fuel line and filter routed around stash box


Here you can see the fuel line and filter mounted around the stash box, near the side panels of the body.  The stash box is pretty sweet- it looks like a good place to stash some extra fuel line, a fresh plug, or maybe some small tools.  In the background you can see the spark plug mounted at a funky angle.  Way Rad!

Well, that is all for now.  There is no spark since I still have not wired the magneto yet- once I do that it is time to test the whole system!

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