Gelis: Final Cut

GelIS- Final Prototype

GelIS- Final Prototype

The Gel Integrated System is done.  I have packed an electrophoresis power supply, illumination, and casting system into one tiny box.  All the parts, other than the enclosure, are off the shelf parts.  It can be shipped flat and assembled with only a screwdriver.  This all comes in at a sale price that is an order of magnitude lower than commercial systems, with a bench footprint an order of magnitude lower than commercial systems.

Test Run

Test Run

It has been tested, and it is completely functional.  The gel is bright enough that you can take pictures of it with your cell phone.  If you want to get one, I will be selling the first batch of ten here for $200 a piece.  Use that link to contact me if you need a large batch, or find me on the diybio mailing list.  I will hopefully have an assembly video (and feature video) soon, but until now you can see my instructable on assembly here.

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4 thoughts on “Gelis: Final Cut

  1. lala says:


    nice one, I like it!
    One question, though: It looks like you’re using an LED array for illumination – how did you get the lighting to look so smooth in the gel photo? Are you using some kind of diffuser? Also, which DNA dye did you use?

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