GelIS: Light at the end of the Tunnel

GelIS Tray Holds Water

GelIS Tray Holds Water.  You can see the water on the rubber dam, and it is totally contained!  Hooray!

This is the newly designed tray for the gel system.  It is a major improvement over the last tray, and it comes with some other major revisions to the box.  The big upgrades to the tray are:

  • about 2x cheaper
  • built-in diffuser
  • tighter slots for the dams (orange things in that picture) by .005″

This makes the tray system pretty solid, and the low profile saves gel and buffer, and makes it even harder to get your digits into anything that is electrified.  It also makes the box 100% cuttable, with no need to drill any holes, which was an issue since the laser cutters I use can’t focus on an object that is 3″ high.

The other major revision that is coming is an adjustable LED light source.  I love the EL panel, but it is tough to get a good photo without a decent camera, and it is just not as bright.  Even though the EL panel is great for me, I expect that some people will just want to use a cell phone, which is not feasible with the EL panel as it is. Heck, my phone is my lab notebook, and carrying around a big camera is inconvenient, so most of the time it is all I have (I am advocate of the lab having a camera).

With the dam sorted and the illuminator design tested, I am ready to call the next revision the minimal viable product and ship it out.

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