Morini Ignition Magneto Rebuild

After installing my new spark plugs and pipe, I discovered that I was no longer getting a spark, probably due to some creative tweaking of the starter coil.  Oops.  So I decided that I might as well replace my points and condenser while it was all taken apart.  This should be useful to anyone rebuilding an M01 or M02 ignition- as far as I know there is not a clear guide on how to do this elsewhere.  It may also be useful if you have another moped, especially so if you have a Dansi ignition.

Get all your parts together on your workbench/cardboard box. Don’t forget snacks!

As you can see, the first step is to acquire a large cardboard box (or if you are lucky and have a table, use that), and put all your parts on it.  The part in the center is the stator plate, which is what the points (in the box with the Italian flag) and the condenser (round thing next to the screw driver) bolt on to.

The condenser should slide right into the stator plate. Mine was an 18 mm wide X 25 mm tall condenser

The first thing to do is to bolt the condenser onto the stator plate.  Not all stators use bolts, some are held in by friction- but this one has a convenient hole that you can bolt down.  The important part is that there is a good connection from the outside of the condenser to chassis ground (which is easy, considering how big the outside of the condenser is).

Here it is, all soldered up.

I skipped a few steps here, but the next thing to do is to screw the points in and attach the coil.  The points have a post that comes out of the bottom, that goes into a hole in the stator plate, and a slot for a screw.  The slot is very important because it allows you to adjust your point gap by changing where and how much the rubbing block engages the flywheel.  The coil is attached by two bolts, and should have only one end that comes out of it (the other goes to chassis ground).  The end that comes out of the coil should be soldered to a wire going to the condenser, and to a wire going to the high tension coil that feeds the spark plug.  Make sure to route all your wires AWAY from the outside of the plate!  Getting your wires chewed up by the flywheel is not cool.  In fact, it is so not cool that the engineers put a little hole in the stator plate, just so your wires can avoid the flywheel.  Clever.

Here it is on the bike. The red wire goes to the ignition.

Here it is on the bike!  The red wire goes through a little hole in the left hand side engine cover, and the flywheel is attached to the crankshaft by the woodruff key.

Now you may be wondering…did it work?  That is still to e determined, because the woodruff key needs to be “adjusted” with a file.

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