More Morini Repairs.

Old pipe has a nice bend so i have more clearance, new pipe is not full of carbon. Maybe the old one will make a comeback someday.

Since I knew the old pipe on my morini M02 was clogged, and also restricted, and since there was a large moped parts sale, I decided it would be a good idea to pick up a new one.  I took advantage of the sale to also pick up some carb parts.  My carb wasn’t really “broke”…but was certainly leaking.  This was no fault of the 50-year old dellorto (sha 14-12, for those who are curious), but the gas line that I installed turned out to be a smidge too big to really clamp down on the fuel banjo, not to mention that the in-line filter behind the banjo was probably clogged as well.

As you can see, the new gasket doesn’t fit the old exhaust header. Or the new header, for that matter. The holes are too far apart.

So, after some shipping snafus on the part of the supplier, my parts arrived about three weeks after I ordered them.  Grr.  And, true to this being a project bike, they didn’t fit!

Thank goodness for tools. I had to take about .5 cm off the whole outside of the exhaust header.

The exhaust header, for the metrakit MKIII exhaust was waaay too big.  I think the cooling fins on the engine block might taper, so it is possible they just took a bad measurement and produced a bunch of exhausts that don’t fit.  I guess I will just have to expect a lot of filing and fitting in the future.

The mounting bracket needed to be enlarged. Lots of filing was required to do this.

After a lot of filing, I managed to get the exhaust to hang onto the bolt that used to have the center stand spring attached to it.  I don’t know what the final solution to the problem will be, but it may end up being some kind of hack-and-weld job that attaches the new expansion chamber to a better-angled pipe.

I also picked up some B6ES plugs from the un-named supplier, because of some advice I got from moped army, where someone pointed out that I had the wrong plugs.  oops!

Good thing someone caught that.  ES stands for “Extended”, and the extended plug is in fact, quite a bit longer than the regular plug.  In a 50 CC engine, this is kind of a big deal!  My estimate is that they were maybe 3CC larger.  If you take the original compression ratio of 7.5:1, that means that the compression with the HS plugs was roughly 6:1- which would dramatically decrease power.

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