TOOOL Boston Meeting: Pick Locks; Get Loot

Swag from TOOOL Boston meeting

This past weekend I decided to go to a meeting hosted by The Open Organization Of Lockpickers, or TOOOL.  I have been involved in lockpicking and collecting locks since I was about 10.  My initial fascination was with the master locks that secured everyones lockers; the first lock I tried to pick was on the back of my school combination lock.  All the locks at school had two modes of entry; one combination entry method for students, and a small pin-tumbler lock in the back so janitors/administration can get in.  Of course everyones lock is compromised if someone tears down their lock and gets at those key cuts, and then makes their own key, so try not to use these if you can avoid it.

Anyways, this meeting was relaxed, with picks and locks on the table while squelchtone gave a presentation on many many kinds of locks and various methods for picking them.  While informative, I had heard most of it before.  However when the crowd was polled for volunteers for a little bit of competitive picking, I jumped on the opportunity.  As I was handcuffed, I felt a competitive rush that I hadn’t felt since my last swim meet.  In a few minutes I had picked my master padlock and quikset deadbolt, and shimmed my way out of the handcuffs I was in, rendering me the winner.  As the two other folks struggled out of their bindings, I learned that I would be receiving a set of HPC picks, a handcuff key, and all the locks I had just picked.  Yay!  Second and third place got some practice locks and lockpicking CDs to help beef up their skills.

After that I got to see some awesome stuff, ranging from custom picks by ratyoke, ray, and ln21, to a really rare prototype lock (one of two!) that was produced for the US military.

This was definitely fun, and I will hopefully be able to attend more TOOOL meetings.  If you are wondering if TOOOL boston is active, it is, and you should definitely go.

2 thoughts on “TOOOL Boston Meeting: Pick Locks; Get Loot

  1. Mr_Id says:

    FYI-possession of lock picks, lock picking tools and material, and any lock picking related tools is illegal in MA without a valid locksmith license.

    • tequals0 says:

      This is actually untrue. If you check mass general law chapter 226 section 49 (here), you will that massachussetts falls into the category of states where it is only illegal if you have possession and intent to use them unlawfully.

      “Section 49. Whoever makes or mends, or begins to make or mend, or knowingly has in his possession, an engine, machine, tool or implement adapted and designed for cutting through, forcing or breaking open a building, room, vault, safe or other depository, in order to steal therefrom money or other property, or to commit any other crime, knowing the same to be adapted and designed for the purpose aforesaid, with intent to use or employ or allow the same to be used or employed for such purpose, or whoever knowingly has in his possession a master key designed to fit more than one motor vehicle, with intent to use or employ the same to steal a motor vehicle or other property therefrom, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than ten years or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars and imprisonment in jail for not more than two and one half years. “

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