Chorded Keyboard: Why Build?

You may be asking “why not just buy a chorded keyboard?”.  The answer is simple: They are super duper expensive, and lack the features I desire.  Here is a rundown of what is out there:

The CyKey

from the cykey website

Infrared control with a huge dongle, for the low low price of only 74 pounds (112 USD).  This is a low cost chorded keyboard, by any means.  The annoying thing is the receiver- it is big, and it is infrared, so you need line of sight.  I don’t need wireless capability, but if I am going to have it, it will be in the gigahertz.

Infogrip BAT

From infogrips website

Possibly only available on ebay, Totally still available, new this is almost the thing I am going to re-create.  It is a 7-key chorded keyboard, which goes for somewhere between 150-200 on ebay.  To make it more complicated, they are “handed”, so I would have to wait for a lefty (on ebay).

Twiddler (2)

the twiddler 2, from the twiddler website

Nothing about this looks comfortable, and it is 200 CAD!  It is also a thumb-mouse, but I already have a nice mouse, thankyouverymuch.  Not that integrating a mouse is a bad idea.

Well, that sums it up for things that you can buy.  There might be a few more out there, (frogpad is one of them), but I can’t find them for sale.  So the solution is to build one!  Plus, I just bought a 3d printer, so I can get some experience using it for prototyping.

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