Paint Can Forge Day Three: Hell and Back

My brother decided to go all B&W during the heat-treat.

Forge 2.0 was a huge success, and the new knife is semi-born, and semi-decent Awesome, because i can shave with it.  Gonna have mad razor burn though.

That copper pipe is orange hot. Steel was a similar color, indicating the metal was at about 930 C or 1705 F.

As you can see here, the forge is still freaking hot.  Hot enough to melt or burn off the aluminum screen on forge 2.0.   More importantly, it is hot enough to heat steel to/past the critical point, so that it can be hardened.  I know the blade is harder now…but I am not sure how much harder.  If it proves to be unsatisfactory, I will re- soften the steel, re-file the bevels, and then harden it again.  This will (hopefully) be possible, due to the new Forge 2.0.  More on Forge 2.0 soon, but after a long day of crouching next to this exploder, it is definitely bedtime now.

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