USB Control-Transfer Sender

I was playing around with v-USB and control transfers last week to build a USB laser turret (post coming soon) with my friends.  I am going to make some random USB peripherals for my netbook (actually, I intend to embed them inside.  If you can think of anything fun/cool to put in a netbook, let me know), so to start experimenting with USB I decided I would make a USB control transfer sender.  Right now it’s ugly, but functional.

Ugly, and very horizontal interface

When I actually use it, I will probably make it more horizontal, and therefore easier to use, as it won’t hang off the side of the screen.  However, you can play with it right now by grabbing it from the downloads page (once I figure out github it’s up  Jk, now its on filedropper)!  Useful for debugging V-USB!

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