I will post links to project documentation, code, or other resources here.  I now use GitHub for my code-type things.  Also: if something is horribly buggy, but you want to use it/want me to make it better, shoot me an email.

Most of the code is available from this github repo:

If it is hardware related look here:

Atmega32u4 breakout

Indoxyl Programmer

Here are some other things mentioned on the blog:

A is for autoclave

REVOBots handout 1

Logitech Unifying Receiver Connector *

Secret Knowledge PDF

USBinter python program

V-USB starter code

*to run this just go to wherever you extracted the folder with cd, and type “sudo python”. If you don’t have python, “sudo apt-install python” before you do that.

14 thoughts on “Downloads

      • Nathan says:

        The file that I was most interested in was the Logitech Unify script. Would posting the text of the script as a blog entry or comment work?

        When I first had trouble downloading it I started to just recreate it via your entry about how you created it, but then I realized that not everything was there and I was really hoping not to have create a setup to reverse engineer this myself.

      • Nathan says:

        Disregard. I hadn’t fully read your latest blog entry, and I was having trouble downloading again, but apparently this time I’m behind someone’s filter that is blocking it.

  1. l34dingedge says:

    I just tried your script and it works great on my behalf.
    I was able to successfully pair my M705 with another unifying receiver. Wonderful!
    But there is one more thing: Is there any way to dupe one receiver to another? I would love to have 2 identical receivers. One for my notebook and one for my desktop. Then I could switch mice between both machines whenever I want to. The normal logitech software doesn’t allow this due to security concerns.

    • tequals0 says:

      There is not a way to switch devices between receivers without running my script or the logitech software. The USB bit actually just puts the receiver in pairing mode. Everything else, as far as pairing, is between the mouse transceiver and the USB dongle, and once they are paired the mouse cannot be used by other dongles, to prevent them from interfering. To transfer the mouse, or any other hardware, you need to run the script.

  2. Several says:

    Thanks a lot for your great job – I’m sure it’s my specific problem, but unfortunately I’m just getting error messages from terminal. It’s partially in German, so I’ll try to “translate” 😉
    According to mtab none is already mounted on / sys / kernel / debug
    cat: /sys/kernel/debug/usb/usbmon/u0: File or directory not found
    FATAL: Module usbhid is in use.
    logitech unifying receiver found
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 26, in
    dev.ctrl_transfer(0x21,0x09,0x0210,0x0002, [0x10,0xff,0x80,0xb2,0x01,0x50,0x3c])
    File “/home/user/Logitech-PyUnify/usb/”, line 678, in ctrl_transfer
    File “/home/user/Logitech-PyUnify/usb/”, line 52, in do_trace
    return f(*args, **named_args)
    File “/home/user/Logitech-PyUnify/usb/backend/”, line 548, in ctrl_transfer
    File “/home/user/Logitech-PyUnify/usb/backend/”, line 357, in _check
    raise USBError(_str_error[retval.value])
    usb.core.USBError: Input/output error

    If there is solution or not – thank you anyway in advance!

    • tequals0 says:

      I get this message now as well; it seems there is something new in the kernel because it happened just as i upgraded to the latest version of mint. I don’t have a lot of time to fix the problem, but if I do I will post it up- if not, the code and process is all up online 😀

  3. Andrew says:

    Thank you so much!! I have two extra mice and I’ve lost the dongles to them. So glad that I can use them again

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