The Best Coffee In Washington, D.C.

I visited D.C. over the weekend of the 9th to see an exhibit by one of my favorite artists- Robert Irwin.  After that I had a couple days to kill and I decided I would go on a coffee tour of the Capitol.  Based on recommendations from friends and cafes that I stumbled upon, I managed to visit 9 cafes in the D.C. area.  Below are my comments on each one.  Check out the map above for information on location and my recommendation.

Green Star = Best coffee in the area!

Green Pin = I visited and the coffee was good

Blue Pin = I visited a different branch and the coffee was good

Red Pin = I did not visit any of these cafes

Diamond = Would not recommend, better coffee nearby

My strategy was to hit all the outliers that had late closing times on my first “day” from about 3-8, and then sweep the Green/Orange line stops on my way to Union Station on day 2.  I decided to add peregrine to the list of day 1 locations so that I would have about 4 cafes on day one and 4 on day two- to even out the coffee intake.  The day one list was peregrine, filter (since foggy bottom was closed on the weekends, I ended up going to Dupont circle), Baked and Wired, and finally Northside Social, which was far away but had late hours.

Day two began, surprisingly, with Slipstream and Dolecezza, which I happened to run into on the way to Compass Coffee.  After Compass I hopped a bus down to Chinatown Coffee Co and finally La Colombe.

Northside Social


La Colombe

Baked and Wired



Compass Coffee

Chinatown Coffee Company

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