Inspiring People: Cellfyre, Andreas Sturm, and Chris Templeman

Every now and then I run into or chat with people who are really excited about DIYBIO, and it is really these people who get me excited about what I do at BOSSLAB.  I just wanted to give a shutout to a few people who have recently been awesome:

Cellfyre is from Oregon, and intends to start a DIYBIO group out there!  According to her twitter, “Everybody is handed a coupon for scientific knowledge at birth. Many have forgotten to redeem theirs. To create awareness I advocate #DIYBio, #STEM, and #PLoS“.  She came down to BOSSLAB (last week? hard to tell with finals going on) and we talked about what it is like to run a DIYBIO lab, sourcing equipment, and getting people excited.  You can (and should) check out here twitter here!  If you are in Oregon, tweet at her!

Andreas Sturm is a student who works somewhere in Europe (I am unsure of where), and is very ambitious in the development of hardware.  His do it yourself bio-hardware blog should be up soon- I will definitely share it here once it is up!  Since bio-engineering of any kind is very taboo- to the point of being illegal- he has to work closely with his university to do even transformations!  But he still persists in being curious and hacking up useful tools.

Chris Templeman is an engineer and presumably owns Templeman Automation in Somerville.  It turns out he was the driving force behind the sub $200 (if i recall correctly) PCR machine that was released by cofactor bio a while back.  He is smart, excited about biology, so keep an eye out for him.  He is also behind a pretty sweet multitouch computing table kickstarter, here.

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